8 - Ebenezer Howard's House

Sir Ebenezer Howard, who was the pioneer of the Garden City Movement, lived at 5 Guessens Road between 1923 and 1928.

In 1919 Howard purchased land in Hertfordshire just north of Hatfield for £5000 with money borrowed from friends. On the 29th April 1920 Welwyn Garden City Ltd was formed, it was chaired by Sir Theodore Chambers and Louis de Soissons was appointed the towns architect and town planner. The first house in the town was occupied just before Christmas in 1920, Howard moved to the town and lived in this house in Guessens Road until his death on the 1st May 1928.

For those wanting to take a short cut, you can avoid the road route shown below and simply use the footpath at the top of Guessens Road to get to Bridge Road more quickly.