6 - Bakehouse - site of Welwyn Foundry

Welwyn Foundry was on this site manufacturing general light castings such as pipes, boilers, manhole covers and guttering. The original street signs for WGC were made by the company and over 100 men were employed there.

Welwyn Foundry workers photographed in the 1950s
Welwyn Foundry workers photographed in the 1950s.
Welwyn Foundry staff
Welwyn Foundry - staff making drain pipes. In the centre is Alexander Snedden and in the background behind him is his father Alexander Sneddon.

Facing this site on the corner of Bridge Road East and Broadwater Road was Welwyn Garden City Laundry, built in 1924. It had its own vehicles for a collection and delivery service and was popular in the days before household washing machines.

Garden Cities & Town Planning - December 1926 'WGC number' - published by the Garden Cities & Town Planning Association. p249 photograph of WGC Laundry.
WGC Laundry in 1926.
WGC Laundry Van
WGC Laundry Van.